Reach thousands of your potential customers a month with location-based mobile display ads, powered by Restaurant Marketing Labs geofencing technology. Place a virtual fence around your restaurant, a competitor’s restaurant or a high occupancy location to target local audiences in their decision making process. GeoTargeter™ will deliver your message within out Partner Advertising Network of over 80,000 mobile apps and display your message as a digital billboard.


What We Do:

Target the right people, at the right time, in the right place. We utilize more than 350 million data-rich profiles to select the ideal target audience for your campaign. Pick the time of day your potential customers are most active on their mobile devices and we will day part your impressions to maximize clicks and conversions. Our geofencing technology allows you to decide if you want your message to be displayed to users within a radius surrounding your restaurant, a competitor’s restaurant or any location you request.  Get discovered, drive website traffic and increase conversions with our GeoTargeter™ mobile solution.

Key Benefits

  • Your digital ad is displayed in our network of over 80,000 apps
  • Hypertargeted ads displayed to thousands of prospects each month
  • Up to 5 Geo Target pins to target prospects around your community and your competitors
  • Comprehensive monthly report details complete analytics
  • Reporting with geomapping, response and analysis
  • Dedicated Account Specialist for ongoing training and support

Good metrics make for good marketing.

Your monthly detailed report includes complete analytics and a heat map of the geographic location of clicks.

Heat Map
Geo Targeter Report Graphic