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Top 10 Restaurant Marketing Trends for 2017

It seems like every time you turn around, there’s a new restaurant popping up; a kitschy place all your friends are talking about before it even opens. With competition showing no signs of slowing, the Restaurant Marketing Labs team has compiled a list of the Top 10 Restaurant Marketing Trends...

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Top Summer Trends Foodies are Raving About

Summer is finally here and that doesn’t just mean more sunshine and higher temperatures, it means new culinary trends to try! Some of these trends aren’t new phenomenons, but you will be seeing more of them in the coming months, and others have only started to emerge. Although these aren’t...

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How a Website CMS Will Benefit Your Restaurant

Owning and operating a successful restaurant comes with its own set of challenges. From planning your menu to executing your marketing strategy, there are plenty of things that happen to help turn your recipes all the way into a satisfied diner and recurring customer. However, when restaurateurs are looking for...

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3 Unique and Creative Valentine’s Day Marketing Campaigns

As Valentine’s Day approaches, many restaurants will look for ways to entice couples in for a charming dinner to celebrate their love and enjoy each other’s company. When promoting your eatery on Valentine’s Day, the event itself can feel pretty overwhelming. From negotiating time constraints, staffing concerns, and menu options,...

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Four Essential Features on Your Restaurant Website

Creating your restaurant's website is an important step to marketing your eatery--not only will the site act as a way for users to discover your restaurant, cuisine, and price point, but a good restaurant website should also act as a brief introduction into the overall ethos and vibe of your...

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